About Us

The WickStore.com is owned and operated by Pepperell Braiding Company, a Massachusetts based corporation that has been in continuous operation since 1917, making top quality wicking and other textile based products. We also manufacture plastic lacing and numerous craft activity kits. Other web sites associated with wickstore.com are: pepperell.com, macramesuperstore.com, holgatetoy.com and rexlaceclub.com.

The Pepperell MA plant manufactures industrial braids and cords including wet bulb and fluid wick, wool packings, lamp and candle wick, lanyard cords, laundry bag draw cords, fiberglass wick, military sewing plaits, wool plaits, stretch cord for name tags and chemical dispersion wicks to name some of the product line.

We have three manufacturing plants: Pepperell, Massachusetts (Textiles and Headquarters) Bradford, PA (Plastics) Ningbo, China (Plastics)

Contact Us via Email: info@wickstore.com