Ceramic Wine Bottle Wick Holders
Ceramic Bottle Wick Description: Dimensions: 3/4” at top tapering to 1/2” at bottom. Overall length is 1”. There may be minor variations in measurements. Material is thermally stable Steatite, unglazed. Suggested wick is 3/16” diameter fiberglass (Part # 1285). You can also fold 1/8" fiberglass (#1284) and insert in the opening, bottom up. Also, 1/4" flat cotton lantern wick works great. This product is designed for turning wine bottles into decorative oil lamps. The ceramic wick holder comes with a pre-installed fiberglass wick (#1285) cut to 8 inches. Eight inches is about the maximum draw for this wick design. Draw and burn rates will vary due to fuel types, humidity, vacuum, wick setting and other design criteria. We suggest you test your design for safety and performance before going into mass production. Ceramic Wick Holder Pricing: Ceramic holder and precut installed 3/16” diameter fiberglass wick (#1285) cut to 8” long.