Industrial Applications
Industrial Applications -  Industrial Braids - Textile Cordage
We are a manufacturer of textiles and plastics. is owned and operated by Pepperell Braiding Company, a Massachusetts based corporation that has been in continuous operation since 1917 making top quality wicking and other textile based products. 

We use the best cotton, wool and synthetic materials to manufacture this product line. 

Over 600 variations of wick are produced that work with everything from heavy duty kerosene hurricane lamps to fiberglass torches to special wool wicks used in pumps. 

Below is a partial list of some of the specialty wicks and industrial braids we offer:

Fiberglass wicks of various diameters
Hawaiian Party Torch Wicks of Fiberglass 1" Diameter
Wet Bulb Wicks
Settlers or Incubator Wick
Laundry Bag Cords
Name Tag Cords
Synthetics / lab wicks
Wool wicks for pumps
Knitted, braided and woven wicks
Biodiesel wicks
Fragrance dispersion wicks
Aroma therapy wicks
Citronella bucket wicks
Floating cork wicks for religious ceremonies
Cigarette lighter wicks with copper cores
Hand warmer wicks
Field (military) shower heater wicks
Hurricane lamp wicks
Environmental sampling wicks
Floating candle wicks (works with vegetable oils)
Lantern wicks
Stainless steel braids and overbraids
Paper wicks
Knitted wicks
Lanyards - Multiple sizes and types

We also braid a variety of cords and lacings. Assemble name tags. Make bag cords. Make funky design shoe laces to order. Private label various products. Make bolo cord. Stretch cord. Metallic braids for industrial applications. Extrude plastic lacing with our plastic machines. Make a rather large line of the best  jewelry cords on the market.

Only fax inquiries accepted. Send to 978-433-9048. Include contact data (name, company, address, telephone) and product specs such as diameters, material composition, application, quantity, and packaging. Label the fax with the heading of  "Industrial".