Parafin Fuel Cells

Paraffin Fuel Cells - Oil Cartridges
Clean Burning Liquid Paraffin Disposable Fuel Cells. Comes with Removable Plastic Shipping Cap. Also Referred To As Disposable Lamp Fuel Cartridges.

Great for those who like the ambiance of candles and the efficiency of clean burning liquid paraffin. These are the same type of fuel cells you find in restaurants and religious organizations. Also, perfect as a safety backup light for emergencies !

Great for Campers !  - Clean, portable, efficient ! Great for enhancing decorative glass bowls that have been hand painted with designs or glass with inlaid mosaic piece. Clean burning disposable liquid paraffin oil lamps. Made with Pepperell Braiding Company  wick number 1271/4 natural cotton wicking for clean steady performance.