Large Retro Smudge Pot Highway torch - Temporarily Out of Stock

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This functional replica of a vintage highway torch light is perfect for any outdoor activity. Not only does it light pathways and provide rustic charm, it also repels dangerous insects when fueled with citronella oil. Made just like the originals, the pot will burn all night on one filling. Complete with snuffer cap attached by a chain for easy extinguishing. Bottom is weighted for stability. Use our fiberglass patio torch wick (WICK3) for wick replacement.  This torch is for outdoor use only.  Use caution and common sense with all open flames. When in doubt about safety, contact your local fire department. Oil not included. We recommend using with citronella oil to assist with bug repelling, however any lamp oil will work with this torch.

Large size measures about 7 inches wide x 8 inches tall. Pot has a classic soot black finish.
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